To make a graphic using TikZ can be a crazy endeavour in our days. We have a lot of graphics tools that ease visual editing (WYSIWYG). But TikZ is adictive for it’s precision and semantic power. Yes, I am, again, talking about semantic: it’s so nice to define a tree just writing who is child of who; it’s so easy to define a graph as a link between nodes and edges; so simple to draw a function with precision, just by writing the function…

…And more: the organization and pause that it is necesary to design a graphic with TikZ, help to ensure that it has sense and consistency, not just visual impact.

These are the links to PDF version, LaTeX source and spanish LaTex wikibook entry:

I finish with a remark: User manual of TikZ has more than… One thousand pages!!. My article just scratches it surface!