My family and my work are my greatest personal projects and I devote most of my time to them. Still, I have developed some things that can be helpful to others.

1) Rust Design Patterns (translation to spanish, working progress)

Currently, I am working in the translation to spanish of Rust Design Patterns that you can find here

You can read this translation (working progress) as Rust: patrones de diseño here

2) Rust in easy spanish (translation to spanish)

My translation to spanish of the online book Rust in easy english written by David MacLeod that you can find here

You can read this translation as Rust en español fácil here

3) Dive Into Python 3 (translation to spanish)

My translation to spanish, with the permission of the author, of the book Dive Into Python 3 written by Mark Pilgrim.

I edited this version using LaTeX language, you can find it here:

I hope this translantion will facilitate the learning of this elegant, dinamic, object oriented language to Spanish-speaking people.

4) Snake Wrangling for Kids (translation to spanish)

My translation to spanish of this programming book in Python, which can be read in:

The source code of the spanish translation is done in LaTeX and is published in:

“Snake Wrangling for Kids” is an electronic book for children 8 or older who want to learn to program. It covers the basics of programming using Python 3 as the basis for learning the concepts.

The original English version was written by Jason R. Briggs and can be accessed in: swfk.

The Spanish version is made from the English version 0.7.7 using Python 3. From it, some sections have been expanded (indenting and exercises), I added flowcharts to explain the alternative sentences and loops, and added footnotes to explain the meaning of sentences and functions.

Back in 2009, my 9 year old son read the book and tested the clarity of explanations.

Originally translated in 2009 with the permission of the author, in 2015 I migrated the code from to github and corrected some errors that readers had sent me over the years.

Happy reading!

5) Articles in spanish about LaTeX, published in wikibooks

Since years ago, I use LaTeX to compose documents that require special quality. Last months, I learned learned a lot more about this language, and now, I feel prepared to write articles in spanish wikibooks about LaTeX:

6) Utility to translate texts to tengwar

Link to the utility
Source code

Translator to the writing system, invented by J.R.R. Tolkien, Tengwar. I have developed a grammar in javascript to implement “spanish mode of 2006” to translate texts. This mode, as I know, didn’t have a complete implementation in Internet. Mine has these functions:

  • Selects tehtar or tengwar (full) vowels.
  • Selects optional rules of spanish mode.
  • Shows the results using two diferents fonts (one of them is based in the famous one of the One Ring).
  • Shows the results with commands of the LaTeX package tengwarscript, to facilitate it’s inclusion in LaTeX documents without learning the meaning of those commands.

To be continued…