Finally, I completed my translation of this book!

I started in 2009, after I completed the translation of Snake Wrangling for Kids. Mark Pilgrim published online an new version of his famous book, now about Python 3, so, after talking to him, I started the translation.

Circunstances of life, personal and work related, I stopped the translation at chapter fourteen. The two final chapters and four appendices were missing… And all the effort in revision and format edition.

Last may, I took LaTeX code of the translation, changed it from mercurial to git, and I migrated it to XeLaTeX.

And now! At the end of holiday, I completed translation and edition. And, as a complement, I generated a HTML version.

I hope this translantion will facilitate the learning of this elegant, dinamic, object oriented language to Spanish-speaking people. I appreciate your feedback if you find mistakes I can correct.